Creativity Calling

2020 put a stop to creative activities for thousands of young people – no more drama clubs and productions, choirs and bands, dance companies and much much more. For those who crave the opportunity to be creative, collaborate with others and share their ideas, we have had to seek out new ways to express ourselves. Virtual choir rehearsals, online dance classes, digital theatre and gallery trips… we’ve taken to a new world of creative experience. many of of us have learned new skills, written poetry, painted and photographed to give our ideas an outlet.

We are now challenging Sefton’s young people to showcase their work as part of our ‘Creativity Calling’ project.

We would encourage as many schools, youth groups and individuals to get involved over the coming half term and join us in celebrating your amazing work in and out of school.  

You can take part in the following way:


Taking inspiration for the amazing work of artist and campaigner Bob & Roberta Smith, we are asking you to design a poster / placard to celebrate what creativity means to you.

First of all, think of a slogan or shout-out statement then let creative your spirit free.

Once completed, please take a high quality digital photo of you work and email to and we will add you piece to a unique digital gallery which we are creating with our friends at the Atkinson.

Formby High School Art teacher Mr Collins has created a couple of ‘how to’ videos to get you started.


If you are under 18, your work must be submitted by your parent, or teacher if part of a school group submission.

By submitting your artwork, you permit Sefton LCEP (Local Cultural Education Partnership) and Formby High School to use your content with your full consent on the Sefton LCEP website, the ‘Creativity Calling’ online gallery, as well as YouTube and Twitter feeds.

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