Virtual Choir Recording

Throughout February and March 2021, we are calling upon young people across Sefton and Merseyside to join forces and add their voices to a new virtual choir recording.

‘Above Us Only Sky’ is an uplifting pop song which celebrates all that is unique and amazing about our city region.

Listen to our rough mix here – backing track and all vocal parts

1. Download the guide tracks  – there are three voice types to choose from – soprano, alto and tenor. There are also PDF lyrics sheets and a music score too!

Soprano vocal part (main melody and upper harmony)
Alto vocal part (main melody)
Tenor vocal part 1
Tenor vocal part 2 – chorus harmony

2. Listen to the track lots and really learn your part – please stick to the exact melody on the guide track – no improvising!

3. Record a video of you singing your part on your phone or other device. PLEASE listen to the guide track on headphones whilst singing/recording to make sure you sing in tune and in time.

4. Please sure you film landscape format with you positioned in the centre of the frame – head and shoulders visible in the centre of the shot..

5. If you would prefer to record audio only without video, that’s fine too!

6. Make sure you are in a quiet room, with no extra background noises or distractions.

7. Email  (or use your track to our Music Department ‘Virtual Choir team’ at In order for us to include your footage in the final music video, your email MUST include the permission/consent of a parent/carer/guardian.

Let’s aim for a deadline of Friday 19 March

We will work the magic and mix all your audio tracks and create a video featuring EVERYONE which will go live on YouTube around Easter!

Thanks to talented local artist Freida McItrick for allowing us to use her amazing Liverpool waterfront picture for our project.

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